Book 2 is in the works….

I’ve been working on Book 2, currently titled Mark Quirk and the Twilight of Paso Cerrado. I’m hoping to get it up on Wattpad starting in a week or two, once I’ve got about 10K words done. (I’m almost at 8 now!)

That may, or may not, be the final cover, of course, dependent on how the book falls out of my head. But I have a plan, and that suits the plan, at least.

This one will take place in the next semester after Book 1, so it’s winter, as must as it’s ever Winter in Umbrum Hall. And this time, we get to hear a little about one of the other magic schools–Paso Cerrado, the school that ties in to Texas (and Mexico).

I’ll put in a link when I’ve decided to start putting it on Wattpad. ;o)

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Just getting started writing a young adult novel!

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