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Mary Quirk and the Reborn Realm by Anna St. Vincent

Coming November 15 to

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A summer in isolation in Umbrum Hall has all of Mary’s class frustrated. The students and instructors are trying to make the best of it, but it’s not easy restraining hundreds of magically trained Potentials and Cadets.

Mary Quirk still hasn’t gotten over seeing a world destroyed when Umbrum’s fellow school of El Paso Cerrado collapsed, Now months later, some of the Paso students are returning to see if anything has survived. Mary would love to go herself, but it’s not her school, and therefore, not her business.

Until something goes wrong, and then it’s left to others to fix it. Mary and her class come up with a risky plan, but saving the others means putting their own futures on the line. Are Mary and her friends ready to take that leap into the unknown?

Mary Quirk and the Language of Curses by Anna St. Vincent

Coming November 24 to

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Mary Quirk has some unfinished business.

Earlier that summer, Mary and her friends managed to rescue three cadets from their rival school, El Paso Cerrado. As part of that effort, Mary turned up a strange fact that her boyfriend Finn and his twin Dillon are both hiding: their human grandfather was a Maledictor.

Maledictors make curses. It’s an old and feared talent that isn’t well understood. And Dillon clearly has more than a touch of it.

Unfortunately, that’s become Mary’s problem. She’s tied to Dillon via a necklace he lent her, one that lets her become unseen. Unfortunately, she’s beginning to suspect that the spell Dillon bound into the pendant isn’t a spell at all, but a curse. Now Dillon is appearing in her nightmares, and she really wants to get him out.

And to do that, she’ll have to face down an ancient curse…

And coming in December:

Isla Rivera and the Broken Cradle by Anna St. Vincent

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