Book 2 is in the works….

I’ve been working on Book 2, currently titled Mark Quirk and the Twilight of Paso Cerrado. I’m hoping to get it up on Wattpad starting in a week or two, once I’ve got about 10K words done. (I’m almost at 8 now!)

That may, or may not, be the final cover, of course, dependent on how the book falls out of my head. But I have a plan, and that suits the plan, at least.

This one will take place in the next semester after Book 1, so it’s winter, as must as it’s ever Winter in Umbrum Hall. And this time, we get to hear a little about one of the other magic schools–Paso Cerrado, the school that ties in to Texas (and Mexico).

I’ll put in a link when I’ve decided to start putting it on Wattpad. ;o)

Today is my Book Birthday!

Yes, the first volume of Mary Quirk is now out!

I’m not expecting this book to make a big splash since I simply don’t have much in the way of promotion going on (no spoons right now, as is the case with so many of us!). But you can order the ebook (and paperback) via THESE SELLERS.

And you can add it on GOODREADS here!

Hopefully this one will tickle your fancy ;o)

New Chapter up, and final cover…. I think…

I’ve got a new chapter up over on Wattpad!

The book has already gone off to the editor, so I’m hoping that there will be a September release (depends on how quickly he can get it back to me.)

I’m hoping that this will do well, but one can never tell how a book will be received until it’s out!

My husband read it, though, and seemed to like it. Not exactly unbiased, but he did call it the Taco Bell of books, which is an inside joke.

But here’s hoping I’ll have a pub date soon!

New post is up… or maybe not…

I’m in the midst of trying to post Chapter 16 on Wattpad, but the system keeps gumming up, so it’s possible it might not open.

As far as the publication goes, I’ll be working on that this fall. I’ve got an editor lined up, and the book is currently in its second draft. It will hit my beta readers after than, then go to the editor.

And I suppose I’ll have to hunt down a few review readers. I’m extremely nervous about that! But it has to happen.

I’m also deciding whether to include the small illustrations I have in the final book, such as the below. I do graphics with photoshop, and like to play around with it in my free time. Still haven’t made up my mind on these yet.

Chapter 10 now on Wattpad!

I have been doing a horrible job of keeping up here, but I will blame life as I’m editing a different book. Sorry! But here’s the LINK!

I have a new cover for this, although it will probably change ten more times before I get the work finished. At this point, it looks like I may have time to edit this in June, and maybe it will come out in August. Maybe.

But the first draft is DONE at 63K, and I’m really looking forward to starting Book 2.

And if you’re looking for more about me, you can come by my Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr to see what I’m looking at.

Up on Wattpad

I’ve put the very first chapter of Mary Quirk and the Secret of Umbrum Hall up on Wattpad, a first for me. (Not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous about putting it out there.)

Anyhow, it has a temporary cover (below!), and I’m hoping to put up a chapter a week, although I can’t guarantee that.

And we’ll see how it goes! Yay!

Getting Started

I’m finally finding time to do some serious wordcount on my new project as my old one is, so to speak, in the bag–for now, at least. This is going to be a challenge for me, since it’s a new world I’m working in (check out my Pinterest here). But that’s also exciting! A new adventure!

My heroine of this series is Mary Quirk (long story about where that name comes from), and we’ll hopefully be following her through 6 years of magic school.

The challenge of this sort of story is that the writer needs to have all the rules lined up. If we break them later–like suddenly adding time-travel–some people get really annoyed. So I’ve been working on that for a while, trying to be sure that my rules make sense before I get too many words onto ‘paper’.

And it’s possible that I’ll be putting this out on #Wattpad although I haven’t committed myself to that 100% yet. I’ve never done Wattpad, so I don’t have a real posse there. Not yet.

Anyhow, I’m hoping to get this book done by the end of summer, which means it will probably be Christmas at the rate my life usually falls apart. But we can always -hope- that it will work out.